RH *Door Flat Size A
1220 x 2440mm

Notes: Set close to the RIGHT in an 8ft x 4ft Flat (2440mm x 1220mm).
– Use with a LH *Door Flat A for a double-sided wall –
Made using 6.5mm Birch Ply mounted on 70mm x 22mm timber.

Size: A
For a door up to 1981mm x 762mm or smaller.
The hole in the flat is 2020mm x 800mm.
An additional 12mm MRMDF header spacer is installed.
This can be removed should floorboards need to be run through the doorway.
Thus, eliminating the need to trim the door.
This additional height is added to ALL door flat holes.
18mm MRMDF should be used for the liners.
Should the need occur, for shorter/narrower doors, additional spacers may be installed.
For slightly taller or wider doors 12mm MRMDF (or thinner) liners may be used.

Multiples: 2 off – more if required, please ask.
– select quantity at BASKET

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